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A Marauder's Era Round Robin
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This is a Marauders Era Role Play.
All posts must be in character, and if there is any reason for you to make an OOC post, please use cut tags and specify it is OOC.
The subject of the post should say where you are or who you're talking to you. For example, if you are in the Gryffindor Common Room, the subject should say 'Gryffindor Common Room. If, for example, you are in the library and are at a table with another person and are onl talking to that person, the subject should say, 'Library at the Table with (character)'. This makes it easier for people who are not in that discussion to skip over it.
You must be serious about your posts, and you must respect other people's posts as well.
This is Hogwarts, not "OMFG I'm the greatest wizard ev3r!!!111oneone," so no godmodding.
Spam is a food so none of it should be here.
We do not want to limit your freedom of speech, but don't over use profanities and start saying them every other word. Also, please be respectful of other people that might be offended. If we get too many complaints that ask us to filter out those words, then we might have to, which would make this go a lot slower.
If you are unable to do that, then you will be eliminated from the group, and you will be replaced by someone else who wishes to be your character.

In order for us to add you, you must e-mail one of us with this information:

Who you want to be, your role playing experience, an example of your RP style, and the LJ name you will be using. We would like it if you make a journal for your character, but this is not required. Made-up characters will be required in their first post to include (behind a cut) a 'character sheet' giving the basic information about their charcter.

All applications for canon characters email dogstarrb@gmail.com and all applications for made-up characters email spaceygrl8290@yahoo.com

We would prefer that only Slytherin and Gryffindor characters be played at the moment. However, if you have your heart set on another house, and if we get enough requests to add the other houses, we will consider it.

Canon Characters
Sirius Black: dogstarr
Remus Lupin:moontrails
James Potter:currently taking applications
Peter Pettigrew:currently taking applications
Severus Snape:flamedzeming
Lily Evans:miss_hotaru
Lucius Malfoy:currently taking applications
Narcissa Black:currently taking applications
Bellatrix Black:frostbittenkiss
Frank Longbottom:currently taking applications
Kingsly Shacklebolt:currently taking applications
Alice (eventually Longbottom):currently taking applications
Arthur Weasly:currently taking applications
Andromada Black:currently taking applications

anyone else you think we should add that we approve of

Made-up Characters
Amelia: amarantine

No double characters.

All questions about this RP should go to dogstarrb@gmail.com or spaceygrl8290@yahoo.com