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Gryffindor Common Room

Amelia walked into the common room from her room where it was getting a bit noisy. She wasn't sure the common room would be any better, but she might as well try. She took a seat by the fire and tried reading her book. Crossed her legs at the ankle like a 'proper lady', she found her place in the book and started reading.  It seemed unusually quiet, but she wasn't going to complain.  


Name: Amelia Cournato

Age: 16

DOB: May 21

Blood: approx. 1/2

House: Gryffindor


Height: 5'9

Eyes: Green

Hair: long, blonde, and mostly straight


Personality: She is somewhat quiet and usually isn't the one to strike up a conversation.She is smart, logical, and thinks things through. She is fiercly loyal to her friends and will always defend them. She is extremley neat (people tend to call her a neat freak) and hates slobby people. She tries to be proper and tends to correct other people's grammar for them even if they hate it.

Quidditch: Chaser

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