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racing the moon trails

Great Hall - Early Morning

The sunrise was hard on his eyes as he stepped into the Great Hall. Not to say the light filtered through castle windows wasn't bright enough, but the stupid ceiling always felt the need to make the students feel like they were outdoors. And as lovely as that was-- Remus loved being outside-- at this hour of the morning, it was at that ungodly angle that set a sharp glare on everything. Of course, this probably didn't affect other people as much as the werewolf, for even in his human shape his senses were sharper than most. Though it didn't help he that he hadn't had a good night's rest, either. The Full Moon was coming, and it was starting to play with his internal clock.

Lifting a hand to shield his eyes against the enchanted roof and tipping his head down so his bangs might help some, he trudged over towards the Gryffindor table, intent on a cup of coffee. Or tea. Depending on whichever was closest when he sat down. He didn't look up as he went, letting his feet carry him to where he needed to go. After so many years, it wasn't so hard. He was sure he could sleep walk down to the Gryffindor table if it came down to it. Though, come to think of it, he was pretty sure he had done that before.
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Sirius bounded into the Great Hall and made his way to the Gryffindor table. He promptly plopped himself into a seat with a cheerful smile, grabbing the nearest cuppa before Remus's hand could close on it. He quaffed half of it before saying, "Good morning, Moony! Beautiful day, isn't it?" He paused, blinked, and asked, "Oh, this isn't yours, is it, mate?" referring to the half consumed contents of the cup.
Remus had just sat down himself when he was mauled by the bounding happy ball that was Sirius. His hand dropped in an aborted reach for the mug when it was snatched from beyond his fingers. Head still tipped against the bright of the sun, he closed one eye and squinted the other through his bangs at Sirius at the overtly chipper tone. Then, with a long suffering sigh, he keeled forward onto the table, forehead against the wood. "Well not anymore it isn't," He snarked in his usual grumpy-before-my-first-cuppa-in-the-morning tone without looking up. He flopped one hand up on the table to grope for a new cup, too lethargic to actually raise his head in search of one.
Sirius raised an eyebrow at Remus's groping hand, but slid a cup into its path without comment, and began loading his plate with a variety of breakfast foods and dug in.
Bellatrix had a special way about her that made it seem that where she was was where she was supposed to be. Even now in the Great Hall this morning, perched alone at the end of the Slytherin table in the far corner of the room she looked as if that seat was made for her and her alone. She sat in that same seat each and every morning, sipping at her mug of black coffee and nibbling on a piece of dry toast. Unlike her peers, it was in the nature of Bellatrix to rise early with the sun to beat the crowds and eat breakfast in peace. She was not a loner, but she appreciated the power of solitude and took the time alone to reflect on the shortcomings of those around her. For example, her cousin Sirius...

As Sirius bounded into the room, Bellatrix's face twisted into a sneer as if she had just tasted something sour. She had never been fond of her cousin, but the day the sorting hat professed that Sirius should be a Gryffindor Bellatrix lost all respect she had once held for her relative. Her eyes darted from Sirius to her coffee, and she realized that in that moment she had lost what appetite she had left. Quietly she stood up and excused herself from the table. As she strolled to the exit she sent one last look to Sirius, her lips quirking upward in a small sneer. What a babbling fool.
When the cup touched his fingers he pulled it closer and lifted his head to lean heavily against his free hand. Taking a deep gulp of the hot liquid, he gave a soft sound of pleasure before cradling the mug in both hands and inhaling the scent. Honestly, who needed food when they had this? Humming, he took another drink before opening his eyes in time to see the look Bellatrix sent his friend. His mug hid his frown, but it was easy to see it by the way his eyes sharpened.


March 5 2006, 05:47:15 UTC 14 years ago

Sirius waved a hand in front of Moony's face. A hand containing a rather large bar of chocolate. "Oy, Moony, can I interest you in taking this off my hands? My uncle keeps sending them to me, but I'm allergic. I believe you'd get more use out of it than I would..."